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Foundation Repair Pros of Atlanta

Old house foundation wall repair and renovation  with installing metal sheets for waterproofing and protect from rain. Contractors with Foundation repair.

When leaving a small crack in the foundation untreated, it can turn into a huge problem. The crack makes the foundation weak and powerless, inviting water to moisture into the building. The water seeps through, leading to mold growth or flooding.

Still, when you contact Foundation Repair Pros of Atlanta, we will provide you with prompt service to repair the foundation professionally. With the repair, you can feel assured there will not be future disasters.

Thus, maintaining the building's foundation is of importance, and if any foundation repairs are needed, it can be from one or many other things:

  • Foundation damage can result from excessive rain falling around the base of the building
  • Leaking pipelines
  • Temperature changes between cold and hot
  • Non-uniform moisture loss
  • Condensation taking place from an air conditioning unit
  • Poor drainage
  • A poorly placed tree or flower bed results in overwatering
A shot of old water pipes in the wall

Foundation Repair Pros of Atlanta offers a wide selection of foundation repairs and foundation and wall crack repairs for commercial and residential property owners. With our service, you can get peace of mind knowing that the foundation is sturdy. In addition, we provide a foundation inspection to note potential warning signs that can lead to future problems.

Contact Foundation Repair Pros today to learn more about our professional foundation repair service in Atlanta.

Curt K


“We are very pleased with our new crawlspace encapsulation and the waterproofing done with repairs provided by this amazing team. Thanks again for the best service ever.”

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