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Foundation to Wall Crack Repair Nearby Atlanta

New house wall crack near window frame

For a healthy building, foundation and wall crack repairs are of importance. At Foundation Repair Pros of Atlanta, we will come to you for a free foundation inspection to find out what is causing those cracks.

You will receive a cost estimate the same day with a plan of action. We know the importance of a stable foundation, and once approved, we will start to repair it fast to prevent further damage. Thus, it will minimize costs and stress.

The truth is that most buildings, at some point, will need a foundation or wall crack repair. Here are some significant reasons why these cracks can happen:

  • The soil underneath the foundation is not compacted well, and it becomes weak, or it is too compressive.
  • Buildings on clay expand or shrink when moisture levels and temperatures rise or fall.
  • Other concerns are environmental factors, from freezing winters to yearly precipitation levels.
  • No foundation maintenance was done.

With our foundation, repair professionals will decide on the best way forward based on essential factors:

  • The size of the structure
  • The strength of the soil surrounding the foundation
  • The extent of the foundation leak


Interior wall with glazed paint shows structural damage from poor foundation. Crack extends from ceiling to window/door frame.

Hence, it all depends on their findings, as it can result from an improperly installed floor framing or a bowing basement wall pushed in by the soil pressure. Thus, they can decide to use pressure grouting to strengthen the inadequately compacted soil or recommend other repair methods to stabilize the foundation.

Luckily, foundation-to-wall crack repairs can be taken care of quickly using cement or sand injection at a low to high pressure, but it depends on the area of the damage. Yet, foundation cracks can result from strain on the basement floor and walls.

It can also appear in the exterior to interior walls, doors, windows, porches, and foundation cracks. To restore your property to its rightful beauty, making it stable and valued as a foundation repair can provide long-term benefits.

Contact Foundation Repair Pros of Atlanta to speak with one of the foundation repair contractors to learn more about the service and methods used.


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